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Executive Chef Sangjan K.

Thai cuisine is a tapestry for the tongue that balances spicy, sour, sweet, salty, and better taste. The blending of fresh herbs and spices and using of ingredients with medicinal benefits, as well as good flavor. In addition to being the authentic restaurant to specialize in Thai cuisine, Thai Spice likewise was the high-class very first fine-dining Thai venue. 

Thai Spice Cuisine opened in 2012. Thai Spice Master Chef Sangjan K (born in Lopburi province, Thailand) is a Thai Chef that's been working in Thai hotels and restaurants for more that twenty-five years. Chef Sangjan was invited to be a head chef for the very first Thai cuisine in Dallas since 2001. She provided and created so many specialty sauces and dishes for her customers. Gastronomy of Chef Sangjan is always cooked food with her happy and smiling face.  

"Making food for someone if they are happy with my food, I'm very very happy."

-Chef Sangjan K. 


Thai Spice is now hiring for Full-Time Positions! Right now, there are some really great opportunities to be part of Thai Spice's family. All positions accompany the purpose of making everyone who comes to Thai Spice happy and smile. Joining our team is about more than offering the best Thai food, cuisine. We want you to be part of our family and culture. We care about making delicious foods and offering fast and friendly service with a beautiful smile.

We are Hiring Thai Cook Full-Time.
We are Hiring Server Full-Time and Part-Time.
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